The Arts

The Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Curriculum at Stella Maris is exciting and dynamic with a wide range of materials and techniques being explored. All students enjoy creating and making art works with the VELS Curriculum in areas such as drawing, painting, pastels, collage, ceramics, textiles, printing, recyclables, environmental objects, sculpture and mixed media.

The primary ‘Elements of Art’ are Line, Shape, Colour, Tone and Texture. These are taught, refined and explored along with the ‘Principals of Art’ such as Balance, Movement, Proportion, Contrast, Unity, Variety, Pattern, Symmetry, and Depth.

Visual Arts at Stella Maris is a wonderful exciting and educational part of the whole school Curriculum. Students often work outside as well as the classroom. Students are encouraged to enter Art Exhibitions outside the school and Celebration Days are often incorporated into the program. The ‘Art Stars’ reward program encourages and celebrates art work made both in class and at home. The Grade 6 students collaboratively design and produce an everlasting mosaic outdoor feature to remain at the school, thus leaving their ‘footprint’ of creativity.

At Level 1 entry the students are introduced to a variety of art mediums with a focus on refining and developing those early fine motor skills.

At Level 2 the students will be more confident with the specific techniques and accompanying skills within the adventurous creative Art Curriculum.

From Level 3 on the students expand their understanding of the Visual Arts in a wider sense with the integration of an exploring and responding component. The wider community and established Australian and International Artists are incorporated with the practical fun creating of 2D and 3D art works within the classroom.

At Level 4 the students have developed a real sense of their own art ‘style’. Their confidence and preparedness to experiment with the materials and techniques further enhances the final art pieces produced individually and collaboratively.

Performing Arts

In Performing Arts, students select and combine dramatic elements such as voice, movement and gesture to produce exciting dramatic pieces. Students discover communication skills through engaging activities and games that foster creativity and positive relationships.

Each year the whole school participates in Music Count Us In. Through this program, song writing, use of instruments and performance are explored.

Students learn about the function of Performing Arts in the community by participating in Music Count Us In and the bi-annual whole school concert.