The Stella Maris Library program is designed provide students with opportunities to develop a love of literature, enjoy books, enhance their imagination and learn the skills necessary to identify and locate resources to meet their learning needs. The Library program supports classroom Literacy learning and the Integrated Inquiry Units being studied at each level through the provision of rich literature and relevant, authentic resources. Students from Prep to Year 6 participate in a Library lesson fortnightly with a specialist teacher/librarian where they have the opportunity to read, listen and respond to a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction and picture fiction texts in both print and digital formats. Students are encouraged to borrow from our extensive library collections which are continually being updated to ensure their interest and relevance for students and staff. Our Library is a welcoming and friendly space which is open on Thursday lunchtimes for students to read, borrow, talk about books or assist with library tasks. Year 6 students have the opportunity to be Library/ICT Leaders. As a leader students assist with Library organisational tasks such as shelving and creating displays. The Library promotes whole school events such as Premiers Reading Challenge and CBCA Book Week.