At Stella Maris School we believe that active and effective participation in Australian society depends on the ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. At Stella Maris we are committed to providing positive and purposeful Literacy experiences trough a balanced, challenging and engaging program. Our students are empowered to think critically, read widely and communicate confidently in order to be successful and independent life-long learners. Students develop effective communication skills and gain meaning and enjoyment whilst developing their language for life.


The Stella Maris English Program aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum which meets the needs of all students and follows the guidelines set out in the Australian Curriculum.
  • Keep detailed data on each child so that assessment is current and drives the teaching in the classrooms
  • Develop in students a knowledge of the ways in which language varies according to context, purpose, audience and content, and the capacity to apply this knowledge in Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Use contemporary tools and a broad of a range of texts to enhance student engagement in English
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop the capacity to relate texts to aspects of contemporary society and personal experience.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop a knowledge of the ways textual interpretation and understanding may vary according to cultural, social and personal differences, and the capacity to develop reasoned arguments about interpretation and meaning.
  • Provide a Reading Recovery Program and other special intervention programs for students with specific needs
  • Provide Leadership support for English

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a short term, early literacy intervention, which assists students in Year 1 who have not yet established effective reading and writing processes. Students are selected for Reading Recovery based on individual measures of assessment and teacher judgement. Their classroom literacy program is then supplemented with daily one-to-one lessons of 30 minutes. The series of lessons runs for 12-20 weeks with a specially trained teacher.